MidnightMane™ 헤어 다크닝 차콜 샴푸 바

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MidnightMane™ 헤어 다크닝 차콜 샴푸 바
MidnightMane™ 헤어 다크닝 차콜 샴푸 바

Finally, A Way To Get That Natural Darker Hair You’ve Always Wanted!! You’ve got the hair. Now you just need the perfect shampoo bar to match.

도입 MidnightMane Hair Darkening Charcoal Shampoo Bar, a new shampoo bar that’s going to change your hair-care game for good. It’s made with charcoal, which is great for your 머리 가죽 and helps keep it clean and clear of grime and buildup. Plus, you’ll be able to skip your daily detox ritual and hair dye sessions with this bar—no more sitting in a tub of steam, no more scrubbing your scalp with an abrasive brush, no more worrying about those fading tresses and whether or not you have time for a quick-fix mask before heading out the door. Just lather up, rinse off (maybe take a quick shower while you’re at it), and voila: clean, shiny hair that looks like yours again!

  • helps you stay away from chemicals in regular shampoos
  • made with a blend of ingredients that will leave your hair feeling soft, clean, and healthy
  • gently cleanses your scalp to remove dirt and oil buildup
  • strengthen and condition your hair
  • helps reduce dandruff and prevents dry scalp
  • nourishes and restores moisture into the hair shafts
  • great for people who want to make their hair darker without using any harsh chemicals or dyes
  • gentle enough for all types of hair, so even those with sensitive scalps 
  • will give your hair a natural shine and make it softer than ever
  • restore the overall condition of your hair and scalp
  • MidnightMane™ 헤어 다크닝 차콜 샴푸 바

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